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We know everyone wants a room at a suitable price and our service is to make the customer’s problem easy by displaying different searches.  Forgetting search related to nearby hotels you can use our platform and make your travel easier. It doesn’t matter whether you are anywhere, but you are able to search anywhere, anytime. When you type nearby hotels, you will see the loss of hotels near you or your current location. We offer the best service to our customers. After choosing a hotel, you can book rooms according to your mood. We are here to help you to explore good with convenience. So just not waste your time and try to search like “hotels near me”, “hotel room booking” for any location.


1.    We work well and put all efforts to give you 100% reliability and flexibility with 100%   authentication. Yes, dear, we need some information about you before letting you book hotels.

2.    Mode of payment is very easy, as you know very well everyone is using Paytm, PayPal or Tez; so, you are able to Pay online. We also accept debit card, credit card or net banking. 

3.    We provide a gift voucher to our customer.

4.    Redeem points also available.

Why you should choose Offerwala?

60% of people travel daily due to some reasons except their job, they also don’t have any place to stay but hotels are convenient to assist them. Offerwala is very best; you can see review by the people. Our service is 24/7, anytime you can search.  You are able to find accommodation, we have hotels in all around the world according to search.  You can easily find hotels nearby me because offerwala provides search on the basis of cost, quality, location, and suitability. Don’t be late and get hotels under your budget by searching at a good place. We have all the solution to your query or FAQs questions. So, if you are going anywhere, you don’t need to worry about a stay, if any problem you face just call us or mail us, we give an instant reply. Our branches are in many cities.

Mode of payment

Most of the people are using Paytm, Tez, PayPal, debit card, credit card, and net banking. We have all the options for our customer. We also accept COD (cash on delivery) because we charge if you search on our search engine. We believe in proving the best of us. Honesty is our policy of work.


1.    24/7 service

2.    Fast payment methods

3.    Best service in our area

4.    Flexibility to explore anything

5.    More workers for help you

Our service

1.  Online hotel booking

2.  Online room booking

3.  Ac room

4.  Non-AC rooms

5.  Midnight service for customers

6.  Nearby hotels options

We understand, according to the above information you definitely go for offerwala. It is our pleasure our customers visit again and again. it is the search engine with fast service that lets you search local service to all users with the help for various platforms such as mobile website, application or telephone. Now a day price is increasing day by day for everything, we believe in “best things under reasonable price”. Except all the booking we have feedback option, if you have any suggestion you may give feedback.

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